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Since 1983, the Silk Hope Ruritan Club has provided a total of $127,000 in scholarships to high school seniors. These high school seniors or higher education students have lived at least one year in the Silk Hope Community, attended Silk Hope School, or whose parents/grandparents are active members of the Silk Hope Ruritan Club. Scholarship money may be used to finance any post-secondary education. The total scholarship money varies from year to year.

The scholarship award is based on financial need, merit, leadership, academic standing, and the will of the recipient to help himself or herself prepare for a career as a useful and informed citizen.

Local High school graduates connected with Silk Hope School and/or community are eligible. To apply, please download a copy of the scholarship application.

  • A kids view on Old Fashioned Farmers Day

    The time is drawing ever nearer for the start of the 39th annual Old Fashioned Farmers Day! That’s right Friday the 29th kicks off the event with a Tractor Pull starting at 7:00 PM. Then Saturday the 30th gates open at 9:00 AM to the Farm Heritage Park. Sunday we open the park at 9:00 AM.

    This year we are adding an attraction to the park called “Kids Zone Fun Center” this is free with park admission for children from ages 2 to 6. The Fun Zone will feature story time, toy time, and sand tables along with Paint a picture just to name a few things….


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  • 2012 Silk Hope Ruritan Club Scholarship Recipients

    We are pleased to announce the recipients of  the 2012 Silk Hope Ruritan Club Scholarship Fund. The scholarship awards were handed out during the July 2012 meeting. A delicious meal was prepared by the ladies of the Silk Hope Ruritan Club.  For more information on the Silk Hope Ruritan Club Scholarships visit our scholarship page.

    (L to R) Johnny Johnson (2012 S H Ruritan President), Thu Tran, Michael Lemons, Hannah Smith, Brittany Smith, Logan Reneau, Kim Coble, Cody Jeffrey, Makayla Brown, Becca Glosson, Taylor Fox, Alison Lindley, Travis Thomas, Jimmy Watterson, Olivia Moody

    Not in the picture but also awarded scholarships:  Josh Nunn and Daniel Burriss

    Picture taken at 7/9/2012 Club Meeting on Scholarship Night by Michael Rogers, Scholarship Committee Chairman

  • 2010 Scholarship recipients

    Aubrey Bowers, Stefanie King, Samantha Ellis, Chelsea Gaudette, Taylor Holden, Brittni Kidd, Matthew Kidd, Paige Meier, Ashley Myles, Russell Parks, Taylor Reneau, Casey Riggans, Gloria Rodriguez, Jessica Seagroves, Howard Threatt, Katie Vestal



  • 2009 Scholarship recipients

    14 total scholarships were awarded this year, totaling over $6,000.

    From left to right is Clint Cooper, Eryn Johnson, Ali Dameron, Josey Perry, Taylor Roper, Josh Harris, Monique Barnett, Courtney Bryant, Paul Drumheller, Michael Rogers (Ruritan President) not pictured: Bryan DeCristofaro, Maegan Hedgecock, Brandon Szilvay, Morgan Wright.

    From 1983 through 2010, a total of $127,000 in scholarship awards have been given by the club.

  • 2008 Scholarship recipients

    Andrew Allen, Becca Bolton, Heather Boone, Bylan Branson, Eric Bristow, Cody Brooks, Derek Brown, Jessica Clark, Timothy Coveyou, Diana Diamant, Jonathan Glover, Heather Harris, Elizabeth Humphries, Heather Keck, Mike Lento, Victoria Moody, Asiaj Nettles, Brittany Rachel, Ginny Rose, Teryn Skumpija, Eli Smith, Courtney smith, Robert Smith, Holly Snipes, Lacy Rezen

Previous years listing of Scholarship Receipients.